Cloud and security

Our Cloud services

We are building tomorrow’s technologies and making the current ones more reliable.

As specialists in industrialization and automation, we build high-performance and secure Cloud infrastructures fitting any kind of project.

Cloud Architecture

Whether your need relates to availability, monitoring, security or optimization, we help you in finding the best solutions to successfully complete your Cloud strategy while guaranteeing the best operating practices.

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A solution for every need

Cloud operations


Combine simplicity and automation while keeping your budget under control.

  • High availability clusters
  • Prometheus monitoring
  • Run of your apps
  • Daily back-ups
  • Deployment on shared Kubernetes cluster


  • Depending on your app needs
  • Resources quota per applications
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Control the availability, performance and size of your high traffic app.

  • High availability clusters
  • Prometheus monitoring
  • Daily back-ups
  • Deployment on a dedicated environment
  • Kubernetes auto-scaling
  • Data restoration under 2 hours
  • Customized update plan
  • Additional tools available


  • Pay per cluster or per application depending on its complexity
  • You pay for your resources
  • Bonus : specific monitoring, restoration tests, service delivery managering
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Control the availability, performance and size of your high traffic app.


Depending on your needs

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Level of services

We assist you to reach the uptime objective that goes with your strategy.

In case of an incident, we can establish a specific on-call duty (24/7 or 7/5) so our team gets your app up and running again in a very short time.


We build efficient and optimized Cloud architecture while consuming as few resources as possible, so that lightens the bill from your Cloud provider too.

We are also able to provide you with detailed reports on the environmental impact of your projects.


Your project’s security is our main concern. We constantly include security tests on every step of your project’s deployment process in order to ensure the integrity and complete availability of your applications.

From setting-up application firewalls to vulnerabilities scan to network policies, we do our best to guarantee a flawless application and a quick response in any case.


Our Cloud trainings

You want to extend your skills in Cloud technologies? We can help!

Why you should work with us?


Only one contact

From developing to running your project, save time by having only one interlocutor: us! 

Your security is our priority

We implement the best practices to reduce risks, breaches or threats to your application.

A sustainable environment

We optimize our infrastructures so that they consume as few resources as possible.

Renowned contributors

We are known for our work, commitment and contributions to OSS.

Hand in hand collaboration

Our teams work together to build the infrastructure for your needs.