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API Platform is a web framework enabling you to create API-first apps/applications. It supports REST (HATEOAS) and GraphQL architectural styles. It natively supports Web standards used when creating interoperable and federated Linked Data applications : RDF, JSON-LD, OWL, Hydra, ActivityPub,

A rising popularity

In a few year’s time API Platform has grown in popularity in the oss community (more than 700 contributors and 7000+ stars on GitHub, 4000+ participants on the project’s chat group, dedicated meetups and international conferences…) and has gained a prominent place with public organizations as well as private groups : the European Commission, French government, Arte or France Télévisions all use API Platform within their information systems.

The framework is also used by DHL, Accenture, EDF, General Electric, London Internet Exchange, Orange, Renault, BNP Paribas, Decathlon, M6 or Libération.

Many free or ethical-source projects are based on the framework, such as the e-commerce platform Sylius, the CMS Bolt, the ecological and cooperative delivery platform CoopCycle and the free and cooperative carpooling platform Mobicoop.

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We work on the API used for managing contents (website, mobile app, TV) and for their external operators (Orange, Bouygues, SFR, Molotov…).

Izi by EDF

Izi by EDF

We're working with the Izi by EDF team on the evolution of their Symfony-based website and the implementation of their Bolt-based CMS.

Vestiaire collective

Vestiaire collective

We work on interoperability issues linked to the international deployment of their applications. We are also involved in the architecture and migration of their tools.

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