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Introduction to API Platform

Build "API First" apps easier thanks to the API Platform framework, and discover the basics of this tool based on Symfony.
1600/ attendee

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    API Platform is an Open Source framework completely integrated with Symfony which makes building functional, secure and powerful web APIs easier. It is the tool that enables to create the most advanced new generation APIs on the market. This training course will introduce you to this framework and its key functionalities and will therefore make the construction of “API first”-oriented applications easier.


    • Good knowledge of PHP and Symfony
    • A laptop to bring with you



    • APIs refresher: REST, HATEOAS, hypermedia, GraphQL
    • APIs at the heart of the Web today
    • JavaScript and Progressive Web Apps
    • API Platform, Symfony and React
    • Immediate benefits

    Creating an API

    • Setting up your development environment with Docker
    • Creating your data model
    • Serializing your data
    • Validating your data
    • Filtering your data
    • Paginating your data
    • Managing your users
    • Securing your data
    • Creating custom operations
    • Internal behavior and events
    • Extending API Platform
    • Customizing the OpenAPI documentation
    • Customizing the Hydra documentation
    • Uploading images
    • Caching your data
    • Testing your API

    Workshops: deploying your API in production

    • Generating your data model using open vocabularies
    • Generating an API admin interface with React
    • Generating a React WebApp
    • Deploy your API to production with Docker

    Our trainers

    Discover our team !

    Vincent CHALAMON


    Vincent is a software architect, coach and Symfony trainer. He’s a member of API Platform’s core-team and regularly speaks at conferences.

    Kévin DUNGLAS


    Kévin is the founder of Les-Tilleuls.coop. He’s a member of Symfony’s core-team and the creator of the API Platform framework. He’s a contributor to over a hundred Open Source projects, and is also a conference speaker, an article and technical book writer as well as a lecturer at Lille University.

    Grégoire HÉBERT

    Principal developer

    Specialist of PHP with Symfony and API Platform, author of a book on REST, speaker and teacher, Grégoire likes to share his skills in order to set up qualitative projects thanks to his 10 years of experience in development, consulting, audit and architecture.

    Marion AGÉ


    Marion is CEO & CTO at Les-Tilleuls.coop, expert in Symfony/API Platform, Vue.js and ecommerce web development. She enjoys working to provide the best architecture and solutions to complex business needs by supporting teams in their daily work.

    Antoine BLUCHET

    Principal developer

    Full-Stack expert, Antoine has been contributing to Open Source software for almost 10 years. Author and maintainer of JavaScript modules, he also contributes to Symfony or API Platform. He also masters Node.js and many JavaScript frameworks (Nest, Angular, React). As an architect, implementing and supporting teams on these technologies are his daily job. He is also a trainer, blogger and speaker.

    Quentin BARLOY


    Quentin is a PHP consultant. He is also a Symfony specialist and he masters technologies such as Elasticsearch or Kubernetes.

    Alan POULAIN


    Alan is part of our software consultants and architects. As a polyglot developper, React, TypeScript, PHP, Symfony or even API Platform have no secrets for him.