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  • Quality and security audits
  • Management and technical support
  • Architecture 
  • Industrialization
  • TDD, BDD, DDD and SCRUM methodologies


  • API
  • PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Rust, C
  • Symfony, React, NextJS, Vue, Angular, Svelte, PWA 
  • DevOps
  • Sylius, Wordpress, Prestashop
  • Domain Driven Design, Hexagonal architecture, clean architecture, Behavior Driven Development

Cloud and security

  • Audit and optimization of your infrastructure
  • Cloud migrations, Kubernetes
  • CI/CD implementation
  • Cloud Management
  • DevSecOps
  • GreenOps


  • Back-end : API Platform, Symfony, Sylius, Mercure
  • Front-end : React, Vue, Svelte 
  • API : API Platform, Vulcain
  • Q/A : Kubernetes, Docker, BDD, Git


  • API Platform
  • Mercure.rocks
  • Vulcain.rocks
  • Zero Waste Challenge
  • Click ‘N’ Collect


  • Your store in one clic 
  • CMS Development 
  • Custom development
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Izi by EDF

Izi by EDF

We're working with the Izi by EDF team on the evolution of their Symfony-based website and the implementation of their Bolt-based CMS.

Vestiaire collective

Vestiaire collective

We work on interoperability issues linked to the international deployment of their applications. We are also involved in the architecture and migration of their tools.



We were involved in the creation of a CMS-type content manager to centralize all Decathlon content. Developments were carried out using API Platform for the API and React & Redux JS, TypeScript for the front end.

France TV

France TV

We maintain and upgrade the France Télévisions group's common information platform, consisting of a headless CMS (API, back-office, ETL, etc.) with a focus on quality and performance.



We work on the API used for managing contents (website, mobile app, TV) and for their external operators (Orange, Bouygues, SFR, Molotov…).

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