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Mastering Kubernetes

Master Kubernetes and discover how this tool developed by Google is complimentary to Docker for the management of your containers in production.
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    At the end of this training session, you will be able to master Kubernetes and discover how this tool developed by Google is complementary to Docker for the daily management of your containers in production.


    • Mastering Docker
    • A laptop to bring with you


    Containers and orchestration

    • Installing Minikube on your machine
    • Installing Kubernetes with kops
    • Discovering and understanding Kubernetes’ architecture
    • The web UI
    • The kubectl command
    • Creating a cluster
    • Deploying your first application
    • Scaling an application
    • Upgrading an application
    • Deleting an application

    Objects, nodes and pods

    • The built-in proxy
    • The concept of objects (names, namespaces, labels, selectors and annotations)
    • Nodes
    • Pods
    • Controllers (deployment, daemons, cronjobs…)
    • Services
    • Ingresses
    • Network and internal DNS
    • Volumes
    • Secrets

    Going further with Kubernetes

    • Configuration (configmap)
    • Logs management
    • Quotas
    • Installation and package creation with Helm
    • HTTPS, Let’s Encrypt and Kube Lego
    • Dynamic DNS management with External DNS
    • Converting a docker-compose.yaml file with Kompose
    • Discovering Google Container Engine (managed Kubernetes)
    • Going further with the Kubernetes API


    Our training sessions are eligible for various types of financing for French employees.

    Organisme de formation référencé Qualiopi, nos formations sont éligibles aux financements de vos OPCO dans la catégorie OF (Organisme de Formation)

    Our trainers

    Discover our team !

    Kévin DUNGLAS


    Kévin is the founder of Les-Tilleuls.coop. He’s a member of Symfony’s core-team and the creator of the API Platform framework. He’s a contributor to over a hundred Open Source projects, and is also a conference speaker, an article and technical book writer as well as a lecturer at Lille University.

    Julien FRANCOZ


    Julien is Site Reliability Engineer at Les-Tilleuls.coop. He has many years of experience as system architect/devops, especially on Kubernetes and its ecosystem (CI/CD…).

    Vincent CHALAMON


    Vincent is a software architect, coach and Symfony trainer. He’s a member of API Platform’s core-team and regularly speaks at conferences.

    Quentin BARLOY


    Quentin is a PHP consultant. He is also a Symfony specialist and he masters technologies such as Elasticsearch or Kubernetes.