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Do you want to develop a web or mobile application, or an e-commerce platform, while ensuring top-notch development quality? Take advantage of the excellence of our certified team, long-time contributors, and members of the Symfony core team.

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The reference PHP framework

Symfony is one of the most popular web frameworks in the world, serving as the foundation for many renowned open-source software projects (Magento, Drupal, Sylius, Doctrine, Prestashop, Akeneo, Laravel…). With a dynamic community of over 600,000 developers, Symfony enjoys great longevity, ensuring continuous improvement over time.

Web development, training, migration, consulting, books or conferences… has been contributing to the growth of Symfony since its early days. Today, our company includes around twenty certified individuals and a member of the Core Team.

A strategic choice for building high-performing applications

  • Development of web application
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Redesign and development of APIs
  • Implementation of content management systems (CMS)
  • Creation of news and media portals
  • Creation of social networks, blogs and forums
  • And much more

Symfony' strength


Symfony's roadmap is meticulously defined years in advance, and new version releases follow a precise schedule. Therefore, we can anticipate together the update of your application between two major versions.

Enhanced performance

Thanks to its sophisticated caching system, profiler, memory management, and query optimization, Symfony is renowned for its performance as a framework.

More security

Symfony features a robust security layer to manage authentication, permissions, and protection against common vulnerabilities such as CSRF, XSS, or SQL injections.

High-Quality Documentation

Symfony's documentation is widely praised for its quality, clarity, and daily maintenance.

A modular architecture

Symfony comprises a set of components that can be used separately or together to build custom web applications. The PHP community's oversight of this framework ensures that its code adheres to industry standards, is well-structured, maintainable, and scalable.

A Quality-Driven Framework

Symfony follows a high-end development approach, thus providing an optimal user experience with a focus on code reliability and existing feature functionality.

A Global Community

Symfony enjoys billions of downloads, over 200,000 contributions, and a dynamic community of over 600,000 developers worldwide. Its international conferences also contribute to promoting and strengthening the framework's reputation on a daily basis.

A Range of Symfony Expertise to Offer You

Since 2011, we've been assisting businesses of all sizes in developing their Symfony applications.

We provide you with a complete range of services with this framework, ensuring robust and scalable solutions to meet your specific needs.

Web development

Our certified Symfony developers ensure the production quality of your applications by meticulously adhering to web standards, guaranteeing a tailored response to the functionality you expect.

Version migration

Migration to a new version, especially if it's a major one, can sometimes be daunting due to the critical changes it brings. However, it remains essential because an unsupported version exposes your application and data to security vulnerabilities. Entrust us with your upgrade for a smooth transition to the new version!


Since our foundation, we've trained hundreds of developers at various levels of Symfony usage. Today, we continue to support numerous companies in enhancing their skills with this framework, and our trainings are audited annually to attest to their quality.

Expertise and coaching

Our team of consultants and architects provides you with technical support to structure your project and streamline your developments: analyzing your needs and current project, selecting technical solutions, architectural scenarios, performance, quality, or security audits, and more.

UX design

Designing simple and effective applications is our motto! Inspired by design thinking, our methodology prioritizes listening to stakeholders and users to design tailored products. User research, co-creation workshops, prototyping, user testing… our UX design experts go the extra mile for a successful user experience.

Some Symfony references

24S, LVMH Group

Our team was involved in upgrading Louis Vuitton's e-commerce website to newer versions of Symfony. We also provided training to their team (15 developers) on the framework.

Sweek (ex Alice's Garden), leading garden furniture retailer in Europe

We designed the information system for the e-merchant Alice’s Garden by creating an intranet application built with Symfony. This application allows them to manage their entire catalog, orders and marketplaces.

French Ski Federation

We designed and developed the French Ski Federation's e-license platform, facilitating the subscription process for a license, payment of registration fees to a club, and subscription to insurance.

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