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Going further with Symfony

You know Symfony but would like to go further and master some advanced aspects such as security, forms or dependency injection? This training course was made for you!
1200/ attendee

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    Your Symfony level is good but you wonder how to get your team to produce a cleaner, more solid and more scalable code? Our trainers can help you improve your productivity by introducing you to more advanced tools and concepts such as dependency injection, cache, security, and tests.


    • A good knowledge of PHP and of Symfony basics
    • A laptop to bring with you


    Manipulating services with Symfony

    • What is a service?
    • The SOLID principle and reminders
    • History and description of the container
    • Debugging the container with the command line
    • Using Dependency Injection
    • Inject parameters
    • What is private, public, lazy, tagged service?
    • Using autowiring
    • The special case of controllers
    • What is autoconfiguration?

    Symfony and the security

    • Manage and authenticate a user
    • Securing all or part of its application
    • Roles and hierarchies
    • Role voters and customized voters
    • Apply a voting strategy

    Symfony and performances

    • PHP and performance
    • Configure your application
    • The application cache
    • HTTP caching and IDEs
    • Reverse proxy
    • Cache invalidation
    • Mobile issues, eco-design, performance & under/over fetching

    Sending Data

    • Receive data in POST
    • Validate data manually
    • Using a validator
    • Create a validator
    • Combining validators
    • Use different validators depending on the context
    • Validation through a form
    • Create a simple form
    • Create a reusable form
    • Create nested forms
    • Master the transformation of data from PHP to HTML and HTML to PHP

    Good practice

    • Configuration Formats
    • Kernel, index.php and bootstrap.php configuration
    • MVP, Coding Styles, static analysis tools
    • SOLID, Demeter’s Law, KISS and other acronyms
    • Test your code
    • Save time with MakerBundle

    Initiation to Doctrine ORM

    • Doctrine ORM
    • The Data Mapper pattern
    • The Unit of Work pattern
    • Doctrine lingo
    • Configuring database access
    • Creating the database
    • Mapping an entity
    • Creating an entity using the generator
    • Creating the tables
    • Persisting the entities
    • Retrieving entities
    • More repository methods
    • Using a custom repository
    • Performing custom requests
    • Use example

    Unit testing

    • The right tooling
    • Test a class with phpunit and prophecy

    Integration testing

    • The right tooling
    • Test a behaviour with Behat

    E2E testing

    • The right tooling
    • Test your application from end to end with Panther

    “Tips and tricks”

    Our trainers

    Discover our team !

    Kévin DUNGLAS


    Kévin is the founder of Les-Tilleuls.coop. He’s a member of Symfony’s core-team and the creator of the API Platform framework. He’s a contributor to over a hundred Open Source projects, and is also a conference speaker, an article and technical book writer as well as a lecturer at Lille University.

    Antoine BLUCHET

    Principal developer

    Full-Stack expert, Antoine has been contributing to Open Source software for almost 10 years. Author and maintainer of JavaScript modules, he also contributes to Symfony or API Platform. He also masters Node.js and many JavaScript frameworks (Nest, Angular, React). As an architect, implementing and supporting teams on these technologies are his daily job. He is also a trainer, blogger and speaker.


    Pedagogical trainer, good atmosphere. There was a lot of exchanges and advices given.

    Cyrielle A-M