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Meet API Platform Conference speakers: Processing One Billion Rows in PHP

Published on June 18, 2024

The API Platform Conference 2024 is in 91 days! As we have done every week since May 23rd, we are introducing a speaker scheduled for this year's event. You can find our previous blog posts about Clément Talleu, Laura Durieux, Derick Rethans, and Stefan Koopmanschap on our blog. This week, we highlight Florian Engelhardt, a German PHP Developer, software architect and technical consultant at Datadog.

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On the agenda: Processing 1brc in PHP #

The One Billion Row Challenge is initially an exploration of how quickly 1B rows from a text file can be aggregated using Java. In a previous blog post, Florian explained that he wanted to experiment with how fast PHP can perform this task. He will demonstrate this at the conference and provide you with the opportunity to learn about optimizing the performance of PHP software along the way.

About Florian #

Florian Engelhardt was introduced to PHP in the early 2000s and started his career with that programming language. Today, he is a senior software developer at Datadog, a monitoring and analytics platform for cloud-scale applications. Florian actively contributes to the tech community through his blog articles and conference presentations. We can't wait to discover his conference topic in person!

The API Platform Conference 2024 schedule will be released in a couple of hours. Join us and get ready for a two-day digest of top-notch API Design, PHP, and JavaScript conferences. Tickets are still available at the regular rate (169€ excluding tax) and remain free for students and job-seeking developers. See you soon!

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