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API Platform Conference 2024 : Domain-driven design basics

Published on June 12, 2024

As we do every week, we are revealing the speakers scheduled for the upcoming API Platform Conference 2024. The API Platform Con is a two-day event focused on API Platform and its ecosystem. More than 350 people will join in Lille, France, to gain the best resources from international speakers, authors, and tech influencers. Our next edition will take place on September 19 & 20 in Lille. After presenting Clément Talleu, Laura Durieux, and Derick Rethans, let’s introduce Stefan Koopmanschap, co-owner of Ingewikkeld and a European PHP reference.

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On the agenda: the Basics of Domain-Driven Design #

After presenting some of the best practices in PHP last year, Stefan will share the basics of Domain-Driven Design and demonstrate how this approach can be applied to your project. Domain-Driven Design is a popular software design approach, focusing on the importance of understanding and modeling the business domain. We are currently using it on some projects at, and it has been a previous talk subject at the API Platform Conference 2022. We’re looking forward to seeing Stefan’s version, which will be a good introduction for those who want to understand DDD.

About Stefan #

Stefan Koopmanschap has more than 25 years of experience in PHP and related technologies, and holds multiple certifications, including Zend and Symfony. He is the co-owner of Ingewikkeld, a Dutch company composed of PHP experts, where he helps organizations by providing consulting, training, and development services. In his spare time, Stefan is also a radio DJ.

More than half of the tickets for the API Platform Conference 2024 are sold! Join us before the prices go up in July and learn from the best PHP experts. We are also still looking for partners to support the organization of the event. Contact us to discover the various sponsorship offers we provide!

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