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Meet API Platform Conference 2024 speakers: the ultimate admin generator

Published on June 26, 2024

After presenting Florian Engelhardt's talk and the final schedule last week, we now invite you to discover François Zaninotto's conference, scheduled at the API Platform Conference 2024. As a reminder, the API Platform Conference is an international conference dedicated to the API Platform framework and its ecosystem. If you have never participated in this event, we invite you to check out the aftermovie or the review of the 2023 edition.

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On the agenda: API Platform Admin, The Ultimate Admin Generator #

François Zaninotto, the creator of React-admin, will present API Platform Admin, the admin interface generator included with the framework. He will also demonstrate that building traditional B2B or admin interfaces has never been easier and more intuitive, even if you are not a JS developer 😉 This conference will be held in English on Thursday, September 19.

About François #

Former Symfony core-team member, François Zaninotto is CEO of Marmelab, a France-based agency renowned for its expertise in Lean Startup, JavaScript, and AI. He is also the creator of React-Admin,, and a renowned speaker for many years. This year, Marmelab is a Gold sponsor of the event. We look forward to meeting their team and discovering their expertise at their booth.

Remember to register for the API Platform Conference 2024 before the price change at the end of July! Tickets are currently €169 excluding VAT, and will increase to €209 starting in August. Any question about the event? Write to us at See you soon!

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