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The best e-commerce framework contributes to Sylius

Sylius is a free software based on Symfony and API Platform. Sylius is easy to get a handle on. It offers high-quality code and tests suite, as well as a good documentation maintained by an active community: almost 500 contributors on Github, more than 1500 users on Slack and 17000+ commits on the repo of the project. is a partner of the software publisher and has been trained by the Core team. We use this framework in our e-commerce projects and take an active part in the community.

Sylius' advisors assists Sylius’ Core Team on their software architecture, especially its hypermedia Web API which is based on API Platform.

We have also built the Docker environment used by Sylius (based on the one we have developed for API Platform) and integrated the JavaScript bundler rollup.js

We have published additional modules as free softwares for this platform, among which Click’N’Collect, a click-and-collect solution that we created during the first lockdown to help shopkeepers during the COVID crisis in France and worldwide.

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Released in 2007
7.5K stars on Github
Current version 1.13
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