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See you next week at the SyliusCon 2022!

Published on October 21, 2022

Antoine Bluchet, Kévin Dunglas, Camille Gaquière and Cécile Helary Hamerel will travel to Łódź (Poland) in a couple of days to attend the first edition of the SyliusCon, the first ever conference for Sylius enthusiasts.

We've been working with Sylius (the company or the Open Source framework) for a couple of years now, whether on customer projects, on the development of their API or by occasionally organizing meetups with our respective communities. We can even say that Łukasz Chruściel, Sylius' core-team lead, knows our city of Lille like the back of his hand considering the number of times we welcomed him!

This time, this is our turn to cross Europe to discover the first edition of their event focused on their framework. Our cooperator Kévin Dunglas will have the pleasure to be part of their speakers and will give a talk about JSON-LD.

Finally, we are also sponsors of their afterparty, which is located on a secret place for the moment ? If you will be there, come drop by our booth and say hi! We can talk about our cooperative or about the latest version of API Platform released a few weeks ago.

We are glad to support Sylius by contributing directly to their project or by supporting initiatives such as this event. This framework is becoming one of the leading e-commerce solutions in Europe and something is telling us that we have not finished hearing about it…

Do zobaczenia za tydzień!

Cécile Hamerel

Cécile Hamerel

Events & marketing manager

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