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Would you like to improve your application's performance while ensuring compatibility with your framework and most existing PHP extensions? Do you want to distribute your web or command-line applications easily and seamlessly? FrankenPHP transforms your applications into standalone executables, saving you considerable time.

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The next-generation application server written in Go

FrankenPHP is a Caddy-based web server that embeds a PHP engine and offers many cutting-edge features (worker mode, early hints, real-time…). It's compatible with any PHP project and boosts your application's performance by up to 250%.

As the creators and maintainers of FrankenPHP, we are here to help you solve your performance and deployment issues, even in the most advanced cases.

Solid foundations for your PHP applications

  • FrankenPHP is compatible with all existing PHP projects and frameworks (Symfony, WordPress, Laravel, Drupal, Magento, Sulu…).
  • It features a worker mode for better performance.
  • It simplifies deployments with a single service combining PHP and HTTPS servers.
  • FrankenPHP supports the 103 Early Hints status code to speed up the loading time of applications and web pages (Largest Contentful Paint).
  • It reduces your application's resource consumption (GreenOps & FinOps).

The power of FrankenPHP


FrankenPHP supports most PHP extensions. Based on the Caddy web server, FrankenPHP benefits from all the features offered by the Mercure protocol: no downtime, real-time data…


It has a worker mode activated by default in production, which keeps your application in memory from one request to the next.


FrankenPHP offers an alternative to FPM (Fast-CGI), CGI and mod_php on Apache. It supports Early Hints and the HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 protocols, so your loading times will be drastically improved.


Designed with simplicity in mind: a single service or a single binary!


This web application server supports Prometeus and brings a more rigorous format and detail to your logs.

Prod ready

FrankenPHP meets the performance requirements necessary for a local use and in real-life conditions.

Helping you with FrankenPHP

Depending on your needs and issues, Les-Tilleuls.coop, the company behind FrankenPHP, can support you with a range of expertise and support methods.

Migrating your projects to FrankenPHP

Whatever PHP framework you're using, we can help you migrate your application to FrankenPHP. We can also help you migrate from PHP-FPM, Nginx, Apache to Caddy and its customization.

Auditing your application

Do you want to optimize your app's performance? We'll be happy to look under the hood of your project to make it faster and more reliable.

Training for FrankenPHP

On-site or remotely, discover how to set up this application server through a one-day training course.


Would you like to package your PHP application as a stand-alone distribuable binary? Call on our team to simplify your deployments.

Web Development

In addition to helping you master FrankenPHP, we can also reinforce your development teams, and we are experts in a wide range of languages and frameworks.

Improve your FrankenPHP skills

Les-Tilleuls.coop offers training courses tailored to market requirements, giving you the opportunity to train throughout your career. Whether in-house or shared, on site or remotely, let's work together to define the session that best meets your objectives.

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