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Stuck in API Platform 2.7? We can help!

Published on November 08, 2023

API Platform 2.7 is no longer maintained as of September 2023. If your web application is still using this version, its security may now be at risk because older versions no longer benefit from bug fixes or potential security flaws. In short, using an unmaintained version in production can compromise the security of your customers' data. To comply with GDPR and many other regulations, please upgrade! Fortunately, as the creators of API Platform, we're here to help!

Use the most efficient version of API Platform #

Developing with API Platform 3 (released at the API Platform Conference 2022) is easier than before:

  • Better URL management
  • Nested resources
  • Improved performance
  • Better standards compliance
  • Simpler deployment
  • Etc.

You can also implement advanced development methodologies such as DDD (Domain-Driven Design) or CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) models with it.

How can help you #

  • We handle the upgrade and provide support for your team. Our experts can take the lead in upgrading your app and optimizing your scheduling constraints. We also help your developers acquire the necessary skills for a successful migration.
  • Audit and best practices. We ensure that your migration is executed according to the highest professional standards, and that your projects fully leverage API Platform 3.
  • We train your teams. Our certified training center offers training sessions tailored to your needs. Contact Inès to learn more about our upcoming training sessions.
  • Secure your applications and cloud infrastructures.Neglecting application maintenance can expose major security vulnerabilities. Our site reliability engineers are available to assist in ensuring the security of your applications and cloud infrastructure!

Support the development of a Long-Term Support (LTS) version #

API Platform 2 was released 7 years ago and has been maintained for an additional 1 year since the release of API Platform 3.

As a solution for projects that can't migrate immediately, we're initiating a community crowdfunding campaign to fund the maintenance of API Platform 2.7 for several more years through a Long-Term Support version. The goal is to raise 36,000 euros to sustain API Platform 2.7 until September 2026, which aligns with the end-of-life date for Symfony 6.

To fund this release, get in touch with us or make a direct donation on Open Collective

Need a taylor-made support? #

We have expertise in a variety of solutions and project methodologies to support your release upgrade requirements, including DDD, hexagonal architecture, tactical DDD, Scrum, microservices, or clean architecture. Please get in touch with us to create an action plan together!

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