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API Platform Con replay: developing APIs with Symfony & cooperatives

Published on December 01, 2023

Our Friday rendez-vous continues in this month of December: today, Nicolas Grekas provides an overview of all the new features of Symfony 7, released this week. Simultaneously, the duo Marion Agé and Cécile Staehle reveal (in French) how cooperatives are a significant asset in the fight against inequalities. The other talks from the API Platform Con 2023 are available on this page. Enjoy watching!

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Developing APIs with Symfony in 2023, Nicolas Grekas #

Le modèle coopératif : un puissant outil de lutte pour l’égalité en entreprise, Marion Agé & Cécile Staehle #

What did you think of these topics? While awaiting the release of two new conferences next week, you can find the previous videos from the API Platform Con 2023 on our YouTube channel.

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