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The API Platform Con 2023 replay: Migration, Opendata and Legacy apps

Published on November 03, 2023

Every week, until the end of December, we will be sharing the recordings of the conferences from the recent API Platform Con. Today, we invite you to explore the presentations of Smaïne Milianni, Xavier Leune, and Boas Falke & Holger Dörner. On the agenda: a database migration, a deep dive into the opendata architecture of CCM Benchmark, and an epic experience sharing on the revamp of a legacy app. These talks come with subtitles in their original languages. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Converting a legacy app to API Platform, Boas Falke & Holger Dörner #

Remplacer une base de données par une API sans toucher l’existant, Mission Impossible ? Smaïne Milianni #

API Platform, opendata et schemaless API, Xavier Leune #

We hope you've enjoyed this new batch of conferences! While waiting for the release of new replays, subscribe to our YouTube channel! Nearly a hundred presentations are available. See you next week for more talks 👋

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