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Three recordings from the API Platform Con 2023 unveiled

Published on October 27, 2023

It's already been a month since the API Platform Con took place in Lille, and more than 300 attendees walked through the doors of Euratechnologies to attend inspiring conferences and had the opportunity to interact with amazing companies from our ecosystem.

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Starting today and until the end of December, we're bringing this event back to life by gradually releasing the replays of this edition. Take a look today at the conferences from Antoine Bluchet, Pauline Vos and Łukasz Chruściel. These talks are subtitled in their original language.

API Platform Revolution, Antoine Bluchet #

The bright and exciting future of the decentralized web, Pauline Vos #

Need for speed: removing speed bumps in API Projects, Łukasz Chruściel #

API Platform Con 2023 aftermovie is online! #

During these two days of conferences, our partner WeLoveDevs took the opportunity to create an aftermovie. Relive the atmosphere of this convention and hear some testimonials from our partners in just two minutes.

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