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API Platform Con replay: Svelte framework and Q/A session with the Core Team

Published on December 15, 2023

We are approaching the final stretch for the release of the API Platform Con 2023 conferences: only four talks remain to be discovered! Today, immerse yourself in the world of the Svelte framework with Alex Rock and listen to the Q/A session hosted by three members of the API Platform core team: Vincent Chalamon, Antoine Bluchet, and KĂ©vin Dunglas. Previous conferences can be viewed on our blog under the Events section.

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API Platform, Svelte et un max de buzz-words - Alex Rock #

Q&A session - Vincent Chalamon, Antoine Bluchet, Kévin Dunglas #

As you have probably noticed (if you watch our replays 😉), only the conferences by LoĂŻc FrĂ©mont and KĂ©vin Dunglas remain to be discovered next week. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss the upload of these last two videos, and see you very soon!

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