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Innovative in technology and internal management is not just another technical expertise company, it is first and foremost and since its creation, a SCOP (Cooperative and Participative Society), a company owned 100% by its employees. Its governance is democratic (1 person = 1 vote), transparent and each recruit is destined to become a cooperator at the end of his first year of employment. 

Transparency is our creed !


Benefits shared by all

Because each member of our cooperative is a stakeholder in its success, the profits generated by our company are redistributed equally at the end of each year.

Fairly calculated revenues

Salaries are discussed and voted on with full transparency : because we consider that all our complementarities bring the same value, the highest hourly wage cannot be more than three times the lowest wage.

A grid for more transparency

Our remuneration and job evolution are studied and voted on the basis of a grid where we position ourselves and where we can set up axes of progression. At, equal skills equal work!
One cooperator, one vote

Decision-making power egalitarian

Since its creation in 2011, the SCOP is an addition of innovative personalities, carriers of projects, grumbling, shy, flexible or rigid. Each one makes his voice heard, brings his experience… and it works!

At, the human being is at the center of the decisions. Each cooperator has a vote, and all important decisions are submitted to a vote. On a daily basis, we experiment, we exchange, we debate, we identify solutions and we even have the right to fail: if it doesn't work, we iterate, we try something else. This is our strength!

Our values

Strong social values

Inclusion, diversity and mutual support are core values that we strongly defend.

For us, salary or skills have no gender and we categorically refuse to collaborate in projects that aim to accentuate systemic discrimination (sexism, racism, homophobia, precariousness…) or that may hinder individual and collective freedoms (filing, surveillance, military…).

We also attach great importance to developing our apps in an environmentally friendly manner, using open formats and making them accessible to people with disabilities. 

Our social project in figures

100%of capital held by employees
12general meetings per year
01mixed co-management

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