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Sylius Click 'N' Collect: sell and hand over securely during the coronavirus pandemic!

Published on March 31, 2020

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, a large part of the world is under lockdown and most shops are closed or with long queues.

Sylius Click 'N' Collect is a solution to sell and hand over your products safely during the lockdown (and even after that). By allowing contactless pick up and preventing queues, Sylius Click 'N' Collect protects your workers and your customers.

Sylius Click 'N' Collect is a plugin for the Sylius eCommerce platform. It's free (as in speech, and as in beer), and it's brought to you by our little hands. It can also be used in addition to all the existing features and plugins of Sylius.

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How does it work?

As a customer:

  1. Go on the shop's website
  2. Select the products to order
  3. Select the collect location (e.g. the physical shop)
  4. Select an available time slot
  5. Pay online, or select in-store payment (Stripe and PayPal are also supported).
  6. Optional: a PIN is generated, you'll need it to retrieve the order
  7. Pick up your order at the shop during the selected time slot! Use the PIN code to unlock the box if appropriate.
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As a seller:

  1. Use the timetable in the admin interface to see the upcoming orders
  2. Prepare the orders: put them in a bag and make the order number noticeable (staple it or use a marker)
  3. Clean carefully the shelf and the lock (if appropriate) with the appropriate cleaning products
  4. Put the bag in the shelf
  5. Optional: use the PIN to lock the box in the shelf to secure the order
  6. Monitor the pick up from afar, from behind a window, or using CCTV
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Repeat! You're now selling while preventing the pandemic to spread!

How to install?

Our guidelines are at your disposal on Github and a demo can be tried at this adress: Sylius Click 'N' Collect is licensed under AGPL-3.0. For companies not wanting, or not able to use AGPL-3.0 licensed software, commercial licenses are also available. Contact us for more information, we remain avaiilable at a distance!

Cécile Hamerel

Cécile Hamerel

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