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Introduction to Vue.js

Discover Vue.js mechanism and learn to handle this library to create performing and evolutive applications.
1200/ attendee

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    Get to know better Vue.js: an user-friendly library allowing to create fast, qualitative and interactive web interfaces using the principle of web components.



    • A good knowledge of JavaScript
    • Knowledge of ES6 is a bonus
    • A laptop to bring with you


    Modern JavaScript

    • Variables
    • Destructuring
    • Arrow functions
    • Default values
    • Classes
    • Interpolation
    • Use and creation of promises
    • Object manipulation
    • Modules

    Discovering Vue.js

    • Reactivity
    • The limits of reactivity
    • The virtual DOM

    The Vue instance

    • Integration in an HTML page
    • The main.js file
    • The main component

    Single File Components

    • Structure d’un fichier
    • Philosophie des composants Vue

    Creating a Vue.js project

    • Tools
    • Discovery of the vue-cli tool
    • Typescript
    • Class components
    • UI
    • Folder and file architecture


    • Using a third party plugin
    • Creating a plugin

    Zoom on Vue components

    • The template
    • Reactive data
    • Calculated properties
    • The methods
    • Conditional rendering
    • The lists
    • Creating directives
    • Observers
    • Styles
    • Events
    • The life cycle of a Vue component

    Communication between components

    • Import and use components
    • Props
    • Non-props attributes
    • Sending and listening to an event
    • The global event bus
    • Listening to native events
    • Modifying props
    • Accessing the main view instance
    • Accessing the parent view instance
    • References to child components
    • Dependency injection

    Advanced features

    • Modules
    • Slots
    • Form links
    • Mixins
    • Dynamic components
    • Router view
    • Transitions and animations

    Going further

    • Organize and reorganize your code
    • Optimizing performance
    • Creating a PWA with Vue

    Our trainer

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    Marion AGÉ


    Marion is CEO & CTO at Les-Tilleuls.coop, expert in Symfony/API Platform, Vue.js and ecommerce web development. She enjoys working to provide the best architecture and solutions to complex business needs by supporting teams in their daily work.