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Introduction to Vue.js

Discover Vue.js mechanism and learn to handle this library to create performing and evolutive applications.
1200/ attendee

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    Get to know better Vue.js: an user-friendly library allowing to create fast, qualitative and interactive web interfaces using the principle of web components.



    • A good knowledge of JavaScript
    • Knowledge of ES6 is a bonus
    • A laptop to bring with you


    Modern JavaScript

    • Variables
    • Destructuring
    • Arrow functions
    • Default values
    • Classes
    • Interpolation
    • Use and creation of promises
    • Object manipulation
    • Modules

    Discovering Vue.js

    • Reactivity
    • The limits of reactivity
    • The virtual DOM

    The Vue instance

    • Integration in an HTML page
    • The main.js file
    • The main component

    Single File Components

    • Structure d’un fichier
    • Philosophie des composants Vue

    Creating a Vue.js project

    • Tools
    • Discovery of the vue-cli tool
    • TypeScript
    • Class components
    • UI
    • Folder and file architecture


    • Using a third party plugin
    • Creating a plugin

    Zoom on Vue components

    • The template
    • Reactive data
    • Calculated properties
    • The methods
    • Conditional rendering
    • The lists
    • Creating directives
    • Observers
    • Styles
    • Events
    • The life cycle of a Vue component

    Communication between components

    • Import and use components
    • Props
    • Non-props attributes
    • Sending and listening to an event
    • The global event bus
    • Listening to native events
    • Modifying props
    • Accessing the main view instance
    • Accessing the parent view instance
    • References to child components
    • Dependency injection

    Advanced features

    • Modules
    • Slots
    • Form links
    • Mixins
    • Dynamic components
    • Router view
    • Transitions and animations

    Going further

    • Organize and reorganize your code
    • Optimizing performance
    • Creating a PWA with Vue

    Our trainers

    Discover our team !

    Marion AGÉ


    Marion is CEO & CTO at Les-Tilleuls.coop, expert in Symfony/API Platform, Vue.js and ecommerce web development. She enjoys working to provide the best architecture and solutions to complex business needs by supporting teams in their daily work.

    Grégory COPIN

    Directeur technique

    Grégory is CTO at Les-Tilleuls.coop and with his 20 years of experience, he can help you with architecture, coaching or training your teams in React, Vue.js, Svelte, Sylius, testing or versioning tools. Even if he prefers frontend technologies, he is also comfortable with API management, e-commerce sites and the use of CMS, on which he regularly publishes blog posts or leads conferences.