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Discover step-by-step Symfony framework and handle its many key functionalities guided by one of our trainers.
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    Symfony is a powerful, Open Source framework that enables to develop complex applications as per the web best practices, in an efficient and sustainable manner. Used by key accounts such as Deezer, Dailymotion, Blablacar or Spotify, it is the reference tool for building structured, robust and scalable applications. Thanks to this beginner’s Symfony training course, smoothly learn the basics, get an overview of its functionalities and mechanisms together with our experts.


    • Knowledge of PHP and Object Oriented Programming
    • Good knowledge of Design Patterns
    • A laptop to bring with you


    PHP 7 and beyond

    • Classes and objects
    • Constructor and destructor
    • Property and methods
    • Heritage
    • Visibility
    • Interface
    • Namespaces
    • Traits
    • Exceptions

    Discovering Symfony

    • Components
    • Component usage
    • List of components
    • The Full Stack framework
    • The micro-framework
    • Symfony Flex
    • Creating a new project
    • Directory structure
    • The built-in Web server
    • The concept of environment
    • The bundles
    • Searching for bundles
    • Installing a bundle
    • Enabling a bundle
    • Configuring a bundle
    • Using a bundle

    Debugging your code

    • Installing the debugging tools
    • The “Web Debug Toolbar”
    • PSR-3 and the built-in logger
    • Installing and configuring Monolog
    • Exceptions and “stack trace”
    • The “Var Dumper” component

    Application configuration

    • The environnment variables
    • The .env files
    • The different configuration formats (YAML, XML, PHP, annotations)
    • Best practices
    • The framework configuration
    • The router configuration
    • Other configurable elements
    • Overriding part of a bundle

    Twig template engine

    • Template
    • Controllers
    • Twig, PHP or JavaScript for the view layer?
    • Syntax: basics, tags, filters, functions
    • Template heritage
    • Template inclusion
    • Controller inclusion

    About controllers

    • Manipulating the HTTP request
    • Redirection (template, internal redirection)
    • Throwing a 404 error
    • Setting and accessing cookies
    • The user session
    • The flash bag and how to use it
    • Twig: the app variable


    • The form component
    • Storing data
    • Displaying the form
    • Rendering prototyping
    • Processing the form (email sending)
    • Validating the data
    • Reusable form
    • Bootstrap theme


    • The translation component
    • Choosing the default language
    • Translating Twig views
    • Extracting the strings for translation in XLIFF
    • Plurals and placeholders
    • From a controller

    Our trainers

    Discover our team !

    Antoine BLUCHET

    Principal developer

    Full-Stack expert, Antoine has been contributing to Open Source software for almost 10 years. Author and maintainer of JavaScript modules, he also contributes to Symfony or API Platform. He also masters Node.js and many JavaScript frameworks (Nest, Angular, React). As an architect, implementing and supporting teams on these technologies are his daily job. He is also a trainer, blogger and speaker.

    Grégoire HÉBERT

    Principal developer

    Specialist of PHP with Symfony and API Platform, author of a book on REST, speaker and teacher, Grégoire likes to share his skills in order to set up qualitative projects thanks to his 10 years of experience in development, consulting, audit and architecture.

    Kévin DUNGLAS


    Kévin is the founder of Les-Tilleuls.coop. He’s a member of Symfony’s core-team and the creator of the API Platform framework. He’s a contributor to over a hundred Open Source projects, and is also a conference speaker, an article and technical book writer as well as a lecturer at Lille University.


    The training course was held remotely without any worries, the content is rich and precise, with practical work. The trainer has a complete mastery of the subject and goes even further: questions, exchanges, tips, etc... Everything you need to succeed in using Symfony according to the state of art. Thanks again for this training.

    Ludovic D.