Arnaud Senlis

« 4 years ago, my practice associate introduced me to several members of Les-Tilleuls.coop. We work with a dynamic team that is expert in its field. Alice’s Garden is one of the pillars of French e-commerce with an expected turnover of 20 million euros this year. We have several projects under way with files accumulating, we would be very pleased to continue to work with this cooperative in the long run in order to make Alice’s Garden progress at an international level.»

A qualified expert in finance, Arnaud Senlis is the president of Walibuy, a Roubaix-based SAS specialised in importing garden furniture. Ranked 40th in the top 100 of French e-commerce in 2014, Walibuy and its brand Alice’s Garden have imposed themselves on the market segments they occupy on the French web, particularly on the outdoor market.
Les-Tilleuls.coop handled the design, the architecture and the development of Walibuy’s information system using Magento, Play! Framework and Varnish.

Joël Steffen

« We have been working with Les Tilleuls since february 2013. We are very pleased with our portal and the advice they give us on new functionalities. Citiz is a network which is constantly evolving with declinations and developments that are made progressively. We thus regularly work together. Moreover, Citiz being a cooperative as well, we share the same values.»

Joël Steffen is a network facilitor at France-Autopartage, now called Citiz. Created in 2002, Citiz/France-Autopartage aims to facilitate the deployment of car sharing services in France, and especially in agglomerations with more than 100 000 inhabitants with a public transportation network.