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France Télévisions

 France Télévisions groups together several television channels and also radios and several websites.


Previously called France-Autopartage, Citiz is the first cooperative car sharing network: almost 1000 cars are available in more than 80 French cities.


Orange is the twelfth largest mobile network operator in the world and the fourth largest in Europe. 

Alice's Garden

With its brand Alice’s Garden, Walibuy is the internet specialist of garden furniture and interior equipment. Walibuy is a SAS based in Roubaix. It is ranked 44th in the top 100 of French e-commerce in 2013.


Decathlon is a french retailer specialized in sport and leisure products.


Arte is a Franco-German television channel with a European cultural vocation.


SensioLabs is an open source reference and the creator of the Symfony framework. It creates quality software solutions for companies.

Groupe Adéo

Group of stores and franchises specialized in DIY, tooling and decoration in the house's universe (Leroy Merlin, Zodio, Alice Délice, ...)


Digital agency specializing in e-commerce since 1997. is a teleconsultation service for doctors.


Company specialized in transport railways.

Saveur Bière

Leader français de la vente de bières en ligne (pompes et tireuses, fûts, verres et coffrets cadeaux).


Qatari network of sports TV channels.


Spécialiste de l'aménagement d'intérieur (salle de bain, cuisine et rangement) à bas prix. 


Isilis is a company specializing in bank switching.


Social network to link craftsman and individuals.

Métropole Européenne de Lille

La Métropole Européenne de Lille est un établissement public de coopération intercommunale. 90 communes composent la Métropole Européenne de Lille. 

AD Auto

Company specialized in repairs and technical interventions on all types of vehicles.

Groupe Stadline

Developers and software editors for sports clubs, fitness clubs and federations.


Picwic is a chain of toy's shops with headquarters in the North.


Dutch department store chain specialised in low-priced residential products. HEMA owns more than 600 shops in The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and France.

Izi by EDF

Société spécialisée dans la vente et la gestion de travaux de bricolage, dépannage et rénovation.

Silverback IS is a family business providing a family of internet services that work seamlessly together.


Cadoétik is a Nantes-based company providing eco-friendly advertising objects.

Fred & Farid

Fred et Farid is a French advertising agency created in 2007. It is based in Paris and Shangaï.

AB In Bev

Plus grand groupe brassicole au monde qui détient des marques telles que Leffe, Corona, Stella Artois ou encore Beck's. 

National Geographic

Magazine devoted to the diffusion of geographic knowledge. It focuses on travels, animals, the environment, civilizations and sciences. It comes in 33 foreign versions.

NRJ Mobile

Mobile network operator launched in 2005, hosted by Orange and SFR.

Ville de Roubaix

Ville de Roubaix is a French commune located in the Hauts de France.


Agency for the economic development of Health, Nutrition and Bio technology activities in the Hauts-de-France region.


Exaqtworld designs quality technological solutions allowing brands to secure, trace or connect their products.

Le Parti de Gauche

Le Parti de gauche (PG) is a french political party.


Training center located in Lille offering webmarketing and web development trainings.


Embisphere is a company which propose tailored, powerful and innovative RFID solutions to professionals.

Clubster Santé

Network of health companies in the Hauts-de-France region.

Oeil pour Oeil

Communication and web development agency based in Lille.

Valenciennes Métropole

French commune, sub-prefecture of the North department, in the Hauts-de-France region.


Application to create 3D interior plans.

Caisse des Dépôts

Financial institution carrying out general interest activities for French State.


Plateforme de création de marketplaces de services et/ou de produits.


Top seller of motorcycle equipment and accessories.


Application de prise de rendez-vous médicaux. 


Novethic is a subsidiary company of Caisse des Dépôts specialized in research and expertise on social responsibility and socially responsible investment of companies.

IMS Retail Agility

Creative agency of store advertising and merchandising.


Communication and web development agency based in Lille.

My Science Work

Professional social network which groups publications, job offers and events linked to the scientific community. 


Markeo supplies and creates advertising objects adapted to each line of business.

Plongée Magazine

Magazine of reference for diving from beginners to advanced which promotes responsible and environment-friendly diving practices. This company is a member of the Geophyle Travel network.

Coyote France

Geospatial information solutions allowing to communicate in real time with the driver based on his itinerary and on the presence of danger zones or traffic obstructions.

Apnea Magazine

A monthly magazine about apnea and submarine hunting. It presents the equipment, hunting and apnea techniques, and gives advice on ichthyology. 


Application d'aide à l'orientation à travers divers jeux et questionnaires. 


Platform to organize private events.

Artec 59

Company which specialises in selling and renting tents that can be used to create elegant and practical outdoor areas. Services intended for both individuals or professionals.

emma GmbH

Plateforme numérique allemande permettant la facilitation des relations entre fabricants et revendeurs. 

Portail Points Permis

National web portal which lists licence points recovery courses.

DLA de la Région Centre

Local support measure designed to support employers in their efforts to consolidate their projects in economic, financial and social matters.

Watts New

Press and audiovisual agency located in the Centre region specialised in renewable energy.

Fédération Française d'Handisport

Association responsible of organization, promotion and development of sports for persons with a motor, visual or hearing impairment.

Maison des Associations d'Amiens Métropole

The MAAM is the relay between Amiens associations and the metropolis Aménénoise by providing services, technical support and logistics.

Ville de Sequedin

City located in the Lille metropolis.